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Hire the appropriate technical architect or rigger

by admin on July 6, 2017

During the phase of the management of works, the figure of the Architect or Technical Architect becomes important along with that of the architect who wrote the project. The work of the rigger is to be the director of the execution of the works and normally, it is also the one who is going to deal with the coordination of security in the works, a very important and scarcely valued aspect, which nevertheless has a great value for the owner. In this work, the Construction Department must take care of us, as owners we are the “promoter” of the house and therefore a figure of the construction, so that any incident that occurs in the same will also affect and can have its consequences.

Being part of the construction of our house

Now that we have already developed the project with our architect, we have a technical architect and the construction company that will be in charge of the construction and we have a building permit for our future home: we can start the works!!

Well, it is very important to be constant and be informed by the construction management (architect and rigger) of how the works are being executed and the correct completion of the execution deadlines. It is good to have a meeting of works (at least 1 or 2 times a month) in which to participate and thus be able to interact in the development of the works of our house.

To do this, some work sheets must be executed, which are prepared for the book of orders and visits for the development of the works, which must reflect both the execution of the work carried out and the modifications that are made. This will be very important to assess if there are the famous contradictory prices that we will have heard in this type of work and thus be able to minimize unforeseen.