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How much does the soil cost to build a house?

by admin on August 3, 2017

The saving obtained by the self-promotion of a house comes mainly from the elimination of that profit margin of the professional real estate developer, which we remember is generally around 20% of the final sale price.

Analysis of costs in the process of formation of housing by a professional promoter according to the technical team of mob myself.

If the rest of the costs of formation of the price of the house are analyzed in detail, it is possible to appreciate the enormous impact that the price of the soil has in our country. This is the result of disastrous legislation and management of the same, which we remember is the exclusive competence of our public powers.

The scarcity of land that can be urbanized, the excessive expansion of administrative procedures in the training process, the financial costs and the added taxes and taxes make the land suitable for building a product that is greatly overvalued and not accessible, which produces an initial increase In the price of housing difficult to assimilate for the purchasing power of the majority.