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How to offer the final cleaning of construction

by admin on September 7, 2017

The tender for the cleaning end of a building is often a task daunting for commercial cleaning companies, cleaning services and freelancers. The company’s builders hire cleaning companies that can follow a strict schedule and provide good work.

There are different phases of cleaning and when a tender for the final cleaning stage is prepared, the offer must be as detailed as possible. Upon completion of the offer, it is important to inspect the workplace before making the bid and give the contractor any questions you may have.


  1. Inspect the workplace. You must set the offer of a final cleaning of a construction project accurately, you should consider everything to be clean. Ask questions to the contractor on the details of what is expected, for example “Cleaning includes interior and exterior of the windows?”
  2. Start writing the offer by including general information. Say the name of the cleaning company, address and contact information, as well as the contractor’s name, address and contact information. The date must also be included as well as the title of the offer and location of the workplace.
  3. List the specific items to be included, things like vacuuming all floors, cleaning all hard surface floors, remove dust, plumbing fixtures clean and remove any debris that is within the structure.
  4. Make a list of other activities that are unusual to the cleaning company. If, for example, the contractor asks you to bar the garage and basement specificity. Detailing the points of the offer wilt contractors understand your intention to complete these activities.
  5. Estimate your costs by using one of two methods. Base square meters costs by charging a specific amount per square meter, or you can estimate costs for the amount of time it will take to perform cleaning, multiplied by an hourly rate.
  6. Add several or load them to the contractor expenses. For example, you can charge a fee to cover cleaning products, cleaning equipment and rental of any equipment you might need.
  7. Collect all charges. It includes a total bid amount. Then sign the offer and give it to the contractor.