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Ideas for building a simple roof

by admin on July 27, 2017

Retirement to a relaxing outdoor space after a hard day’s work is an attractive thought for many owners. A simple deck added in your home can provide a place to relax, cook on the grill, host a gathering of friends or play outdoor family games.

Location map

Explore the ideal place for your deck. To make it simple, choose a place that is flat. Roofs built directly on a flat area avoid construction complexities like high poles, steps and railings. Roofs built in flat areas require only a crossbar to fix the deck to the side of the house, a frame and some short messages and docks to anchor to the ground.

Free-standing deck

A cover does not have to be attached to a house. If you have a special place on your property like a lake, a pond or a place with a beautiful view, you can build a simple freestanding deck that dominates the area. These decks can be built directly above the ground, similar to the type built on the side of a house and provide a flat, slightly elevated location where you can take advantage of the view.

Get acquainted

Before you start your deck project, read about carpentry and construction techniques you are not familiar with. This helps the whole process to go more smoothly, giving you valuable knowledge ahead of time. Consider using predefined plans that give you a breakdown of all the elements you’ll need to build the deck, as well as step-by-step instructions on how to complete the project.

Cover size

Some people may think that the smaller the deck, the simpler the project, but this is not always the case. Even the small decks require digging holes for posts as preparation for the ground around and below the area. A small cover may even require more work in cutting wood to the right size. Go to a larger deck plan that has more space for furniture and entertaining. Although it will cost more, a larger deck can also add more value to your home than a small terrace.