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The difference between civil engineering and construction engineering

by admin on August 22, 2018

Civil engineering and construction engineering are similar in that they both deal with the construction industry. Civil engineering is more concerned with the design, planning and analysis of a construction project, while construction engineering mainly has management in place of the current construction. The two different engineering degrees also qualify a person for different positions or engineering careers.


Civil engineering studies load structures, building codes, techniques used during construction, and other statistical analyzes. Construction engineering is more practical. It will teach the student about the basics of design, different building materials, and construction planning and construction project management.


Civil engineers design the construction of buildings, roads and bridges, and plan water supply channels and sewer line systems. Construction engineers work on-site ensuring that those plans are being followed by the many different contractors employed to complete the project. A civil engineer ensures that designs comply with federal, state and local building codes, while construction engineers inspect every part of the building to verify that codes are being carried out by workers.


A Civil Engineer qualifies a person to work as a structural engineer or environmental engineer, as well as a city administrator or planner. A degree in construction engineering allows a person to work as a civil engineer in construction or as a construction manager, project manager, or manager of a group of engineers working on construction projects. A civil engineer has a wider range of career possibilities, while the construction engineer is primarily employed in the construction industry.


The average salary for each type of engineer varies depending on the area in which the engineer works. For example, a civil engineer working as an environmental engineer has an average annual income of $ 74,020 and a construction engineer working as a construction manager will have an average annual income of $ 79,860 in May 2008, according to the Bureau of Statistics Labor. Revenue increases dramatically when a construction engineer is promoted to a management position and is in charge of other engineers.