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Houses built with cheap materials and little budget

by admin on October 3, 2018

Construction materials are those that directly affect the costs of housing, the techniques used also influence this indicative, which classifies the constructions. in low, medium or high cost. In traditional constructions the current costs are always high and if you need to look for constructions of non-traditional systems, you must make appropriate designs with these techniques.

Prefabricated houses

These houses are built from standardized elements, which are built and stored depending on their dimensions and characteristics, which are definitely cheaper than the traditional construction. In these types of houses their assembly is done on the ground, on a floor that has been built in advance.

One-story modular houses

This type of construction is done in a workshop and the modules are brought in for the assembly, already finished, only the ready, clean, conformed and level ground is needed. It is important that they can be adapted to the operation that is needed, adding more modules, according to different designs. They are flexible allowing to use steel or wood structure, with a term of construction of 70% less of the traditional construction.


These storage modules, with which different products are transported over long distances, are now one of the home building systems that are being reused. The solution is to arm them, modify them and make them new homes, with different designs. It is a fast system to build a house, adaptations are made with sanitary and electrical facilities, and air conditioning the interior.

Recycled wood houses

With the recovered or recycled wood, you can build an economic home, with the care of the choice of the material and its timely treatment before the construction, to avoid pests, like insects and fungi. The recycled material can include dry branches for railings and other elements such as glass, with which you can make beautiful stained glass windows.

Metal sheets

The sheets of corrugated metal, turned to be of a material used in warehouses and on farms, to be a much requested material in important architectonic projects. It is a material that behaves well in extreme climates and its style recalls industrial designs, with high technology. This low-cost material has changed the idea of ​​new designers, adapting it for the construction of homes at your fingertips.

Casa domo, a novelty in housing construction

Dome houses are a model of housing that are gaining popularity, have advantages as sustainable structures. It is a modern design, although it really is the type of dwelling that has been used for many years by Eskimos, the famous igloo, this stable structure can be built with different materials, and have a good image in any set of houses.

The wooden house

This model of home is highly appreciated for the warmth of the material used, the good finish and completion of its structural elements, structural walls and floors. It is at all times a beautiful house, which has the acceptance of most people, being also sustainable, because wood woods are used that are sown for that purpose, construction. Their style can be from rustic, to a modern or minimalist style, this material can be adapted to any style, with the details of very different natural colors.

Bamboo as construction material

Bamboo is one of the materials used all over the world, for housing construction, currently used as elements to build walls, support structures, is also widely used in different parts of a home. This base material, bamboo, can be shaped as laminated boards, pressed with different techniques for floors, dividing walls and even furniture.

Iron and glass

The construction time of a house with iron structure, like this elegant house you see in the photo, is very fast and can be more economical, compared to the traditional construction. In this design the walls are defined by glass, in frames from floor to ceiling, great natural clarity and excellent functional design…

The clay brick

Bricks are a material that is always known, the clay has the virtue of keeping the house cool and gets good acoustic insulation. The façades, not needing friezes or paint in them, decreases the cost of housing. They can also be built with bricks, loading walls that do not need additional structure, of any other material, to support the different parts of the construction.

A Thatched House

The roof of this house is a design that is becoming known every day, is an excellent coverage of straw that has the virtue of being a heat insulator. The walls can be of the material that you prefer, the adobe is one of the most compatible with the structure of wood. A beautiful, economical and sustainable design.

Stones and concrete

You can make a concrete structure, with the sides formed by accumulated stones, covered by a layer of grass, it is ecological, natural and really different … What do you think of this design? It is not a single dwelling! This model is an example that in designs and tastes, different homes can be obtained.

Concrete as a box

A concrete box emptied, walls, ceilings and floor, are the parts of this house, designed so that its exterior is seen with a natural color, that has been made with a slight cement mixture, that defines the color and the texture. The concrete is very malleable and in its formwork or molds you can design the openings of doors and windows, which will have the house when finished. No need for interior or exterior painting, saving is important in finishes and maintenance.

The stone in the house

The materials of the area are the most effective for the low cost of housing, transport is eliminated, and help to improve the construction time and its appearance is beautiful, as in this quarry stone house with its doors and wooden windows. The colors of the natural stone in sight and the soft palette that combines with this material, make a good combination in the general appearance of the house in addition to the cost that is considered low.