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The passive house sustainable construction

by admin on October 31, 2018

It is difficult to escape the responsibility of leaving our children a better planet than we are. We can do it, also, starting with our own house. Research into new materials and household devices allows us to convert our home into a passive house by almost 90%.

There are 17 objectives ranging from the eradication of poverty, access to water and its sanitation, through the fight against desertification, the protection of the oceans, the development of sustainable infrastructures and the need to rethink the cities to turn them into settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

Far from considering it a task exclusively in the hands of administrations and governments, the United Nations brings its language to citizens to involve them in the struggle to achieve a livable world and do so in the next years.

  • Use the orientation of your house to your benefit. The use of sunlight has been traditional in the construction of any human settlement since prehistory. Now, in addition, you can take advantage of sunlight with the installation of last generation plates and domestic accumulators that allow a house to be practically self-sufficient in heating and hot water.
  • Isolate your house. The new materials allow that the heat received from the outside does not escape in the cold months and that the cool of the first hours of the morning of the warmer months refrigerate the interiors for a longer time. Use recycled materials to decrease your carbon footprint.
  • There are new ways to save and recycle. For example, the research has obtained paving materials that filter and redirect rainwater for its use in the irrigation of cities. These same materials are available to the consumer for domestic use.