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How much could it cost for square meter of construction

by admin on July 13, 2017

This question is the most requested by customers and is the first thing they ask one to do their own rudimentary calculations, although as all those who are engaged in construction will know that there are many variables to take into account and not can put a generalized price to all constructions, actually the price gives the quality with which you will build a home , materials and luxuries to take into account, such as carpentry, floors, roofing. The kitchens, coatings, therefore all this raise or lower the price of the square meter of construction depending on the material to be used.

For us to be very clear on how to value this always make the comparison between luxury cars and low value commercials, the price of them will always depend on the quality manpower and the material that are used according to the needs, because so it is in the houses, depends on the luxury that you want to put in them and when you are willing to give that taste to you.

Everyone asks the cost of the square meter based on only the cost of material and labor without taking into account the other complements of a construction site, such as taxes, deeds, real estate, printing of plans management and supervision of the work, materials, skilled labor, paperwork and construction permits, generally 15% to 20% of fees are available, apart from the square meter of labor including the material.

You should also take into account that a house that has the papers in order such as the deeds, game plans by an engineer and the city where you live, is worth more than another house that does not have them.

So the price is relative in each project although they tend to approach is not general as everyone thinks.

Depending on the skill and the number of people they have to attend, some engineers will explain much better and others the worse the characteristics of the projects to justify the prices that are given for such a project, because most of the cost of the square meter of construction depends of the finishes that we put to that project (in a 60% to 70%).

Currently building without a previous design is an aberration since you will lose more money and there will be something totally horrendous (visual pollution I would say), I say it because in fact a well-planned work before starting it is equivalent to saying a project well thought out and with minimal losses and that we will have a spectacular design where the customer could see it in three dimensions as if it were real in a computer before Of being able to execute it.

In conclusion do not let yourself be coiled by charlatans who say that building without plans is cheaper, this will be more expensive in the long run.