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How to clean for sanitary services

by admin on August 17, 2017

Cleaning for a cleaning service requires knowledge of a space from top to bottom in a regular cleaning schedule. Basic cleaning requires dusting of cobwebs and dust accumulation; Emptying the garbage cans and plant maintenance.

Plant maintenance will require mopping of hard floors and vacuuming carpets. The key to successful cleaning services is in the domain of a routine. Elegant cleaning services, a full service commercial and residential cleaning company in New Jersey, gave us some tips for cleaning toilets.


Basic office cleaning room

  1. Empty trash cans when entering an area. With the duster, remove any suspended ceilings or ceiling cloths. Pay particular attention to the corners.
  2. Pointer desk top, window sills and computer monitors before dusting off skirting.
  3. Clean any glass surfaces or mirrors with a glass cleaner. Polish with a dry cloth to remove lint and streaks.
  4. Sweep hard floors like tiles and wood before mopping.
  5. Carpet pump.
  6. Basic kitchen and bathroom cleaning
  7. Pointer the high areas first, followed by skirting boards. Empty wastebasket.
  8. Clean glass mirrors and lamps with a glass cleaner.
  9. The counters and tiles either with a homemade bleach mixture (8 oz. Of chlorine per gallon of water) or a clean list. Buff counters and tile with a dry cloth to remove streaks and marks.
  10. Pour bleach mixture or appropriate cleaner made in urinals, sinks and sinks. Swish urinals and toilets with a toilet brush. Sink scrubbing sinks with a hard bristle brush or wipe with a towel cloth towel, as appropriate. Clean the exterior of all parties.
  11. Sweep debris floor before mopping with a suitable bleach or ready mix makes cleaning solution.
  12. Keep bathroom and kitchen closed to the public until the floor is dry.

Tips & Warnings:

  • The key to cleaning success is developing a time-saving pattern. Many cleaning technicians like clockwise operate around a room upon entering. When mopping, start at the farthest point from the exit of the room and then mop towards the exit.
  • Never mix cleaning chemicals; especially chlorine and ammonium, in glass cleaners. When mixed, hazardous and fatal gases can be released.